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 Knife Laws of the Fifty States -- A Guide for the Law-Abiding Traveler covers all fifty states and the District of Columbia.  Find out what knives are legal in each state, and where.  Covers folders, fixed blades, automatic knives, and balisongs.  Get a summary of knife carry restrictions for major cities.  All in an easy to read format.

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City & County Knife Ordinances

I currently have several hundred pages of knife-related city and county ordinances for cities and counties across the nation, organized by state.

I plan on publishing summaries of these knife regulations for each city/county along with the text of the ordinances themselves over the coming months. 

City of the Month -- Chicago, IL

Approximately once a month, I select a city and make available the full text of that city's knife-related municipal ordinances and regulations in PDF format.  Registered users may download the full text PDFs for free.  Full text ordinances for past Cities of the Month remain online for download for a limited time as well.

This month's City of the Month is the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois!

Capsule summary of Chicago, Illinois knife-related ordinances:

Chicago – Unlawful to possess switchblades. See, CHICAGO, ILL., MUNICIPAL CODE § 8-24-020 (2005). Concealed carry of dirks, daggers, stilettos, bowie knives, “commando knives”, any knife with blade greater than two and a half inches, ordinary razors, and “other dangerous weapon[s]” prohibited. See, id. Unlawful for person under 18 years of age to carry or possess knife with blade two inches in length or longer. See, id. Carry on person or in vehicle passenger compartment of “utility knife” (e.g., box cutter) by person under 18 years of age prohibited. Certain exceptions apply. See, id. at § 8-24-021.  (Excerpted from Knife Laws of the Fifty States: A Guide for the Law-Abiding Traveler, page 48).

Registered users can download the full text of these ordinances below.

Some useful Chicago, Illinois links for the traveler:

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